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Google Analytics:

Google Analytics gives you insights you can turn into real results.
It is important to measure a website success by following a visitor’s paths website:
Discovery, or where the visitor entered the site, and how they arrived there,
Exploration, or where the visitor went on the site
Engagement, or how long they remained on each page, signed up for the newsletter, etc.
Interest, or how many times the same visitor returned to the site, and how long between visits
Event participation, or whether the visitor downloaded information, watched a video, etc.
Promotion response, or whether the visitor responded to sales promotions, coupon offers, etc.
Sales success, or visitor purchases, value of purchase repeat buyer behavior, etc.

We measure and establish specific goals for visitor behavior, and generate easy to read reporting that gives insight into:
• Successful visits & Repeat visits and time between repeat visits
• Engagement (contact, newsletter sign-up, coupon downloads, etc.)
• Visitor impediments, including Unplanned exits, Immediate site exits (bounces) that reveal visitor engagement inhibition, cart abandonment
• Marketing channels, including organic and paid search, display ads, social media referrals, to understand the contribution of each channel
• New vs. returning visitors, gain insight into visitor interest, loyalty, micro-conversions, etc.
• Geography of visitor, to see if certain locations outperform others
• Device usage depicting visitor’s differing behavior using Mobile vs. Tablet vs. Desktop
• Value delivered: Behavior reporting informs the business about which site aspects are delivering expected performance, and which would benefit from change, enhancement, or elimination. We measure it, and you gain insight.